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Readers are achievers!


Tina Cowley Reading Centre Hillcrest uses a proven and tested Assisted Reading Methodology to develop learners’ potential by improving their reading skills, resulting in improved scholastic performance.

Reading is the instrument which enables all of us to learn in any subject.

The need for literacy in the digital age is important as the ability to read and write at an acceptable level has never been more important than now.

All communication and learning require the ability to read, use words and the ability to express yourself. Good use and  understanding of words are essential when studying, writing a Facebook post, text message or daily blog.



A reading problem is a

learning problem


It has been widely documented that there is a link between the ability to read and write, school performance and self-esteem as well as adult life, as poor literacy skills are associated with lower education, employment and social outcomes.


At our reading centres we can boast of learners that have achieved an average percentage increase of 8% to 40% after the completion of the therapy programme.





Children with reading and learning disabilities


Identifying struggling readers in 12 steps
A struggling reader is a child who --
1. experiences stress and anxiety when having to complete tasks  
2. still relies on sounding/spelling words before being able to read it
3. has a slow, strenuous reading speed and pauses often
4. cannot remember what he/she has read
5. cannot spell
6. does not enjoy reading
7. has untidy handwriting
8. has problems distinguishing foreground from background
9. has problems with laterality
10. has excellent mathematical skills
11. switches words around in the spoken language
12. struggles academically
If you have answered yes to most of these points, your child might be suffering from a reading problem. To assess your child's level of reading difficulty, please contact us for an appointment.




Our program is offered in English and Afrikaans


Our program includes computer based classes


At the first appointment, we test a student's reading ability to determine the appropriate level on which

to commence our reading therapy to address your child's specific problem


Test results are discussed with parents/caregivers, followed by a written report


In the reading therapy class, basic reading skills such as eye span, spatial relations, laterality, form and auditory perception are practiced, to improve reading ability


In the memory methods class, brain memory improvement exercises, reading skills, eye kinetics and spelling rules are combined to enhance reading, learning and spelling


Study methods and Speed Reading courses, are also offered at regular intervals


Age groups range from 5 years to adult


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world 

Nelson Mandela



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